10 10 10 30 5 5 10 20 Math Problem Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Any good plan should have three factors

  • What is your goal?
  • How will you reach to your goal?
  • When will you reach the goal?

I will narrate three instances from my life where we did not adhere to these principles and faced consequences.

About a score of years ago, my brother and I went for a movie in Kolkata – the Movie theatre was very close from our home. We reached well before time and went to the ticket counter – ‘2 tickets for Umrao Jaan please’, my brother said. The guy at the counter looked at us and said, Umrao Jaan does not run here starting this week. We were so upset and frustrated. The theatre which was next closest took us 20 minutes by bus. When we entered the theatre, we had missed all previews and 15 minutes of movie. I and my brother kept blaming each other: You should have checked in the news paper!

Moral of the Story: You should know where are you going? What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? Otherwise, you will reach at wrong destination.

In last week of October in ’98, I went to Yosemite with few other friends. One of the friends helped us plan the trip. He booked cabins, rented a fancy car, planned the to-dos in Yosemite. We reached in the evening after a picturesque drive. We were so excited! We realized the problem in the night. Fall is supposed to be the best time to visit Yosemite. Unless you book unheated cabins in the woods and night temperatures go to freezing and we were newbie’s from India not used to cold weather. We slept with woolen socks, thermals, jeans, jackets, all comforters and blankets which were available – and still woke up shivering.

Lesson no. 2: How are you going to your destination is vital – How does not just mean what tools/techniques you will use (Car in our example) but also minor details, logistics, external conditions, etc.

During one of my visits back home, we went to Goa -India’s Hawaii- My parents, two brothers, their families and me – we were 10 of us. The trip from Bombay to Goa is very scenic – lush green fields alongside river, coconut trees, hills and villages and towns sprawling around. Goa has an exquisite mix of sun, surf, and beaches

Just like all good things, our trip had to end and we started for the station. After a few minutes, my older brother suddenly announced – Oh no, our train is at 5:30 (instead of 6:30 – what we were aiming for). My dad started – Why did’nt you check this earlier? I always tell you all to check and verify these things – but you never listen! We will miss the train and will be stuck now! My younger brother told the driver – please drive fast and take a shortcut if possible, we are running late. My nephew, who was 5 years old, asked ‘mom, what will happen now? We will again go back to the hotel?’

Time was 5:10 and we were not sure how long will it take? Everybody’s heartbeats were up – a stop at a red light seemed to take forever. The driver used the traditional Indian method – constant honking to declare that he had urgency and all vehicles were to give way! In India, it’s an unofficial vocal signal used by all.

Finally, we reached the station – time: 5:26 PM. We rushed towards the platform-two porters and 10 of us. My two nieces and nephew were too excited – it was becoming the highlight of the trip for them.

As we started loading the luggage, train started to depart. ‘Everybody, run, let parents get on first’ – There was a pandemonium. Just as the train started to pick up speed, we all and our luggage piled on the train. We took a sigh of relief. It lasted only for a minute. We had got on the last but one compartment and one where our seats were was way up.

Our dramatic journey continued… Taking luggage and people through the compartments. We ignored people staring, making faces and making comments at us and kept marching. Till we were stopped from going further! We had come to the First Class compartment and through passage were not permitted. My brothers tried talking to the train conductor if an exception would be given, but they declined. We stood/sat on our bags till the first station where our train stopped and then transferred.

Our relaxation and joy of past four days vanished in the tension of couple of hours. And, we so wanted to go back- to the noise and pollution and traffic – to our home sweet home.

Third factor in a planning: When

In conclusion, whether your goal is to meet a personal fitness resolution, it is a house painting project or a cross-functional IT project, every plan should have a defined goal, a defined methodology and a Time-line.

As the famous saying goes, He who fails to plan, plans to fail

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