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How to Prepare for IIT JEE Advanced

In today’s competitive world, cracking IIT is becoming more and more difficult. The competition is increasing day by day and to gain an edge over the ever increasing competition, students who are in the race for the IIT entrance exam start early in the lower classes.

It is seen that a student preparing for IIT is generally under enormous stress and pressure. However, if one prepares in a systematic and planned manner, the journey to IIT can be a lot of fun. Based on my experience in this field, I would like to offer some tips on how to prepare for IIT JEE (or JEE Advanced).

1. Identify your strength – You must follow your passion and make a career in your area of ​​strength. Cracking IIT is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are good at maths and have logical reasoning and scientific mental bent, you may be an IIT candidate.

2. Pre-start Assessment – In case you are not sure whether you will be able to cope with the standards required for IIT preparation, you can go for a pre-start assessment.

3. When to start preparation – When it comes to preparation, the earlier you start, the better. Although it may be fine to start in class 11 but I would personally recommend starting in class 9 which gives the student a phenomenal edge over others. However, it is important to study at your own pace while enjoying every moment.

4. IIT preparation is fun – Be relaxed and take it easy. If your focus and planning is right, believe me, IIT preparation is fun. What is required is your own conviction, motivation, professional guidance, simple tools to solve problems quickly and immediate clarification of doubts as they arise. Make sure you will enjoy your preparation like a game. Working hard and striving for excellence will become your passion.

5. Physical exercise or play – Some type of physical activity is recommended. It’s good to just do a little jogging. This gives your body and mind the rest and relaxation it needs.

6. Work smarter instead of harder: Quality over quantity is key. Studying with concentration and analyzing the principles and concepts with a clear mind will bring efficiency and you will be able to achieve the same goals in much less time.

7. Speed ​​and Accuracy – You have to solve a problem right the first time. There is no room for error as this would seriously affect your rank. So, don’t rush and skip steps. (I will discuss separately how to solve problems quickly and thus save time). Note that solving problems accurately becomes our habit which can only be inculcated with practice. Accuracy can never be compromised for speed.

8. Focus on how to solve quickly – To get a good rank in IITs, solving a problem is not enough. We need to focus on how to solve a problem very quickly and that too without compromising accuracy. Note that speed can only be increased by a better approach to solving the problem in a very relaxed way instead of solving it with a longer method and jumping steps hastily. Although this is not an easy area to deal with, my suggestion is to make it a habit to think of an alternative approach to solving the same problem as you practice the tasks.

9. Divide your preparation into different levels – It is always better to study with a step-by-step approach. Whenever you start a new chapter, first complete NCERT level including all derivations that may come in board exams, then practice all JEE Main level problems and finally practice all JEE Advanced level problems . This will make you feel more comfortable and you will be able to complete the chapter much faster.

10. Keep formulas and concepts handy for easy reference: I tell students not to pressure themselves to memorize formulas. Just keep them handy for easy reference. As you continue to practice problems, you will experience that with continued use of formulas and concepts, they easily become your own.

11. Make your own short notes – This is a very useful technique for many reasons. First of all, taking notes automatically brings a lot of concentration. Second, you generally only write after enough thought and analysis. Finally, these are your own notes. They help you in your quick review.

12. Don’t compare with others and don’t follow others – Concentrate on your studies. Don’t worry about what others do and don’t be influenced by others. Everyone is different, has a different way of understanding and presenting things. Focus on your own goal.

13. Eliminate your personal distractions while studying – You have already jumped into a crazy competitive world; now you must be religiously disciplined. Although (as I said earlier) IIT preparation is fun and the kick you get from solving tough problems automatically makes you disciplined, but smartphones, social media like Facebook etc. they can be great distractors. Cut them out of your life, at least temporarily.

14. Make continuous effort and make it a habit – IIT preparation requires continuous effort. Each subject must have adequate and regular time. Some students find one subject more interesting and tend to spend more time on it while ignoring others. The three subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are equally important and none of them can be ignored.

15. So on a final note, I would say that cracking JEE is not that difficult. Just be sincere, dedicated and smart. Success will be yours.

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