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Life Coaching For Teens: Section III – Part IV – Creating A 5-Year Life Action Plan

Turn your passion into an action plan: How to create a 5-year life action plan?

A quick review

Before you start developing a life plan, let’s see what you got from the life coaching guide for teenagers:

1. In the first section, you discovered the foundational cornerstones needed for your life’s journey; primarily discovering your identity and purpose.

2. Then you learned The Top 12 Virtues for Teens, foundational virtues that develop strong character for the journey you’re on.

3. You have finally discovered and defined your life mission, now you can embrace your future and live boldly.

What is a life plan?

A life plan is simply a road map that shows “where” you are going for a specific period of time, so that you can get there with the least amount of stress. Many people take life for granted, thinking that “luck” and “destiny” will guide them safely to fulfill their life dreams. Although, you may have heard of “lucky” stories in the past, or people who have made it big by winning the lottery; these stories are few and far between and not worth betting your life on. It would be wise to design a strategy for your life.

Before starting your life plan

What should you consider before starting a life plan? The virtual world of the Internet is full of advice. You can Google the words “Life Plan” and you will find various opinions on the subject. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Identity: Do you have clarity of purpose? Do you know the “why” of your life? Example: Who am I? what am i doing here What am I called to do in life?

2. Character: Have you cultivated (or are you cultivating) the character necessary to run the race with confidence? Do you have the moral qualities to endure hardship? In other words, can you believe in yourself and your life mission even if there are contradictions?

3. Innate Gifts: Since your gifts and passions are traffic signs to guide you, consider them in your life planning. For example, if you are good at math and science, getting a degree in “literature” may not be a wise choice.

4. Passion: Does your life reflect consistency of attitude and vigor? Remember that passion is a strong belief in yourself and in what you are doing; he is “moving forward” even in difficult times.

When these four cornerstones are evident in your life… then life planning is easy. In fact, a person who displays these four pillars is already making progress and knows with confidence where he is going. Then life planning can begin.

Life planning

Consider a 5-year plan instead of a longer version. At first, I recommend a short planning cycle. The reason for this is that you are just starting out, so the foundation of your life is critical. College, career, where you live and who you marry are important choices that need deep thought. Here is the common road map students choose after high school:

a. Attend the College

b. work

c. Join the army

d. Traveling the world for a year

e. A combination of the above. For example, some young people join the military because they can travel the world…others go to a university in another country for a year to experience the culture first hand.

A life planning path

A 5-year plan will take you through a critical stage of your life. If you are fourteen, a life plan will take you through your high school years. If you’re 18, a five-year life plan will get you through college. Do you think you have the direction you need for these crucial five years of your life?

Components of a life plan:

1. Get a vision for your future – What does the future look like for you?

A vision can include your dreams, hopes and aspirations. You must know your destiny. A vision is to see the horizon in the distant mountain. Although weak-looking, you know where you’re going. The vision is the “big picture”, like getting a business degree and starting your own business after college, which takes about 5 years.

2. Set goals to achieve your vision: steps to reach your destination.

A goal is slightly different from your vision. A goal is a big step in fulfilling your vision, just like what business school you should attend, how many years it will take to complete your degree. A goal is the steps you take to complete a goal, visit three campuses so you can make a better decision, submit your application, and how many classes you need to take per term.

a. Set long-term goals first: You need to set long-term goals first. In other words, consider the “big” picture of your life and then your short-term goals.

b. The short-term goals are as follows: Methodical steps are critical. Example: Attend a junior college and then transfer to a major college or university.

3. Stick to a schedule: You’ll need a visual road map.

You must be knowledgeable of the “calendar” and use it as a “map” to guide you through your 5-year life plan.

4. Allocation of money and resources: You will need funding and tools for the trip.

Where does your money come from? Your money can come from a combination of your savings, a part-time job, student loans, federal or state grants, scholarships, parents, transportation, budgeting, and more. A resource is like a laptop and a mentor/guide.

5. Faith, Commitment and Responsibility – You need to believe in yourself and recruit others to do the same.

Do you have someone, a mentor, who can advise you and hold you accountable? I recommend someone mature and out of college. A partner is usually not the best accountability partner when it comes to fulfilling a life plan. It must be someone who is attributed to your life, such as a parent, an older brother or sister, a mentor, a teacher, a pastor; someone you trust deeply to remind you of your mission. You have to believe in yourself and your plan. Don’t give up, persevere!

6. Refining Your Life Plan – Evaluate and refine your plan during the trip.

Life plans should be reviewed a few times a year for adjustments. During your journey of these five years other things will arise that will be advantageous in your life. During this time you will discover more about yourself (remember the “40% undiscovered” part of your life), so adjustments are necessary.

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