Can You Fail The Math Work Sample And Still Graduate Automated Forex System Trading Robots – A Way to Avoid Trader’s Ruin

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Automated Forex System Trading Robots – A Way to Avoid Trader’s Ruin


Even the big boys can lose their shirts… it doesn’t matter if it’s Forex Trading, stocks, or gambling. As we have seen recently in the financial markets, wrong choices and risky behavior can bring down even the most powerful banks.

How can you avoid the bad decisions and bad techniques that create account-killing errors? Strangely enough, it is the status of “small” that can be the salvation for the non-professional trader. Adopting disciplined behavior in Forex trading and understanding that you are vulnerable can make you a winning trader!

The fact is that most Forex traders lose simply because they have never heard of “Trader’s Ruin”. Most commonly called “Gambler’s Ruin”, there are a couple of reasons why it is important for the Forex trader to understand this concept.

1) Understanding this concept can easily make the difference between business success or failure.

2) failure is a statistical, mathematical CERTAINTY if you do not know the necessary techniques to beat Ruin Trader.

The Road to Ruin

It has been said that the difference between gambling and speculation (or trading) is that in gambling the odds are fixed and are always in favor of the house and in speculation the trader uses his intellect to turn the odds in his favor . So logically, the GAMBLER, even if he wins in the short term, if he keeps the game, in the long run he will certainly lose. Then it seems logical, that the SPECULATOR (read Forex TRADER), who is adept at selecting Forex trading strategies where the odds are constantly in his favor, can win or lose in the short term, but on the long term he comes out ahead .


Even if you had a source for Forex trading signals that had more winners than losers, the statistical reality is that if one side of the trading dynamic (the Forex market) has more resources (deeper pockets) than the other part of the trade (read). YOU), in the long run, the player with the most resources statistically always ends up with all the money. OUCH!

For those of you who don’t care about math, an easy illustration is of two traders playing a coin flipping game. Trader One (T1) and Trader Two (T2) have the same number of coins. Each trader takes turns flipping a coin and the other trader calls “heads or tails”. If the calling trader guesses right, he receives the coin. This is also probability, with each trader having a 50% chance of winning each flip. However, if you repeat this process long enough, eventually a trader will have all the coins – it’s a 100% mathematical statistical certainty.

If one trader starts with significantly more coins than the other, that trader is the one who will take all the coins. If you want to see the math looks like this, where T1 and T2 are Trader One and Two chances of losing respectively and “n” is the number of coins held by each trader.

T1 = n2 / (n1 + n2)

T2 = n1 / (n1 + n2)

If you enter different numbers, you can see how it works. If Trader 1 and Trader 2 have equal numbers of coins – let’s say 100 coins each. So the probability that Trader 1 will lose all his coins is 100/200 or 0.5 which is 50%. There is a 50-50 chance that each trader will lose all their coins to the other trader. BUT, if one trader has a much larger number of coins than the other watch what happens.

If Trader one has 1000 coins and Trader 2 has only 100, the probability of Trader one losing is 100/1100 or 0.091, this means that the chance Trader one loses all his coins is only 9.1%, less than one out of ten. If Trader 1 is the Forex market, with essentially an infinite supply of coins, the chances of Trader 2 winning are infinitesimal. Translated into ordinary terms, this says that if there are two traders, the probability of each trader going broke is equal to the ratio of the number of coins your opponent has to the total number of coins you both have . This means, that without any major aberration (called a real run of incredible good luck) that the trader with the smallest bank account will always lose.

It seems logical that this is true in Las Vegas, where the odds are always against you. But it seems so unfair in Forex market trading. The hard truth is that this applies to stock markets, investment houses, hedge funds, large private investors and Forex Traders! It’s all about “staying power.” The more money you have, the longer you can stay in the game, the better your chances of coming out ahead.

The boys lose.

So we all quit? Are we doomed? Yes and no. Unless you have a Forex trading strategy that protects your resources, you will inevitably lose. Losses and fees will drain the life out of your account. To beat the Forex markets, you must discipline your trading behavior to grow and protect your resources.

Beat the Market and its Minions at its own game

In Vegas, the only way to win is not to play the game. But to accumulate real wealth, playing the markets is one of the only practical methods available to the ordinary trader. The financial industry knows this and everything it does, from asset allocation models, advertising, fees and commission structure is biased to keep the markets on their terms. If you stop playing your game, you lose your advantage which is the root of your trader’s downfall.

The savvy investor needs to get off the train of the Financial Industry and take command of their trading techniques. The statistical example above assumes that Traders make a very structured “bet”, each trade is the same size every time and is a “winner takes all” bet. This is a way that many traders tend to trade, intentionally or functionally, holding their trades too long when they lose. Get rid of this mentality and understand how discipline can help you “beat the road” can move the results of your trading strongly in your favor.

The first lesson to be learned is when the trade does not work to your advantage, stop playing as soon as possible. This requires iron discipline on your part. You don’t need to be right every trade to win big in Forex or any market, in fact you don’t even need to be right most of the time. Most Forex traders think about what percentage of trades they win. Many Forex trading systems or Forex robot developers boast of results like “95% winning trades”. This is the wrong way to look at a trading strategy.

The core concept that a trader must understand is that a trading system must ensure that you win more money than you lose over time. You can lose a lot more trades than you win, but if you keep your losses small, you can get away with your winnings. Many of the best traders and investors often only make winning trades 40% of the time and build huge fortunes. They do this by making sure to “keep the losses small and let the winners run”. If the trade goes against the successful trader, he immediately abandons the trade, and only plays the game when he wins. This is the essence of Positive Hope (to be examined in another article) – small losses, big wins. If a trade turns against you, the sooner you exit the trade, the less you lose. When a trader holds on, hoping or waiting for a trade to reverse or improve and takes even bigger losses is when he enters the realm of trader ruin.

When the trade goes your way, let it go, watch closely and continuously adjust your stops to protect your profits. Whether the stops are 10%, $10, or 2 pips, the trader must have an inviolable rule that is followed without fail. If you win more, you can risk more, but losses should be kept to a minimum. A trader’s frustration at being stuck, and taking repeated small losses, often influences their trading techniques, leading them to make poor trading decisions that lead to Trader’s Downfall.

One of the easiest ways to enforce the kind of discipline required for real Forex trading success is through the use of automated Forex trading systems or Forex trading robots – often called Forex Bots. These software based Forex trading systems are very sophisticated computer programs that use a variety of Forex trading signals. Many of them can trade in a fully automated way, where all the trader does is watch and check the balance of his account. These programs impose the type of discipline that provides positive expectation. Automated trading systems can often open a trade, track, set stop losses, and close the trade completely on their own, based on rules programmed into the software using a data feed and an Internet connection to the brokerage. the trader.

Typically, successful Forex trading software of this type stalls often and takes very small losses because the program restricts the amount of loss allowed for each trade. As mentioned before, being stopped from trades due to losses repeatedly frustrates a human trader and emotions enter the picture. Trading robots are mechanical Forex trading systems that do not feel frustration. These programs also allow a winning trade to run until it “returns”, some of the more sophisticated programs can extend the stages as a trade develops profits, but the percentage of the trade that could be returned is still very small and acts . immediately if exceeded. This is the method that creates success and profits in trading.

This is how the small trader can “refuse to play” the industry game and still make huge profits. Many of the automated Forex systems have 100% guarantees, provide a complete setup and support service, and give a potential client the ability to trade paper on demo accounts in the real Forex market, so that traders they can “try before they buy”. This website offers reviews of six of the best Forex auto trading systems available. These Forex auto trading systems have been selected based on a variety of trading approaches, and each has the two very important primary attributes listed above, the ability to trade paper or otherwise test the system for at least 60 days and a guarantee unconditional 100% refund. . Whether you decide to try automatic Forex trading systems or maintain your own iron discipline, the important concept to internalize is that you protect your assets, derailing the train of the financial industry, and controlling your trading system, protect and your resources and improve your positive outlook. .

There is no secret. Disciplined trading must be followed rigorously, when hope, belief, false techniques, or desires enter your trade, close to the Ruin of the Trader.

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